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US-2016124635-A1: Methods and systems for displaying vehicle data parameters with drag-and-drop inputs patent, US-2016200980-A1: Liquid crystal compound having tetrafluoro cyclohexadiene structure showing negative anisotropy, liquid crystal composition, and liquid crystal display device patent, US-2016209657-A1: Holographic waveguide eye tracker patent, US-2016212386-A1: Home Video Capturing and Monitoring System patent, US-2016342056-A1: Liquid crystal devices and panels having touch functions patent, US-2017054875-A1: Image processing apparatus, authentication method, and recording medium patent, US-2017081317-A1: Heteroaryl compounds as irak inhibitors and uses thereof patent, US-2017252087-A1: Energy treatment system, energy control device, and energy treatment instrument patent, US-2017297097-A1: Fabricating an interface layer for removable support patent, US-2017304325-A1: Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis patent, US-2015252905-A1: Valve for a Subsea Pressure Canister patent, US-2015273584-A1: Sliding member and production method for same patent, US-2015305784-A1: Spinal stabilization system and method patent, US-2016004106-A1: Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device containing the same patent, US-2016198479-A1: Uplink interference resolution in a wireless communication system patent, US-2016258175-A1: Method and apparatus to fill & fire proof holes in concrete floors patent, US-2016308057-A1: Strained semiconductor using elastic edge relaxation of a stressor combined with buried insulating layer patent, US-2016380165-A1: Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing same patent, US-2017011770-A1: Recording medium, playback device, and playback method patent, US-2017074468-A1: Integrated led based illumination device patent, US-2017104410-A1: Power converter and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2017142955-A1: Dual Action Lethal Containers, Systems, Methods and Compositions for Killing Adult Mosquitos and Larvae patent, US-2017157497-A1: Self-stabilizing skateboard patent, US-2017165418-A1: Needle for administering a fluid patent, US-2017178645-A1: Spectral Translation/Folding in the Subband Domain patent, US-2017338329-A1: Integrated circuit fabrication with boron etch-stop layer patent, US-2018020166-A1: Personal camera companion for real-time streaming patent, US-2015103367-A1: Printing system, mobile terminal, printing apparatus, mobile terminal control method, printing apparatus control method, and storage medium patent, US-2015236045-A1: Curved display device including trenches in substrate patent, US-2015380457-A1: Detector, pet system and x-ray ct system patent, US-2015381020-A1: Method of synthesizing aluminum carbon nanotube materials for structural and conductor applications patent, US-2016028154-A1: Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Sheet for Antenna, Method for Manufacturing Same, Antenna Comprising Same, and Battery Pack for Portable Terminal Having Said Antenna patent, US-2016052708-A1: Tank trailer having integrated heat panels patent, US-2016121531-A1: Housing, method for making the same, electronic device, and automotive interior component patent, US-2016134297-A1: Method and device for analog/digital conversion of an analog signal patent, CN-106348615-A: 基管内表面的活化方法以及光纤预制件和光纤及制造方法 patent, US-2016269768-A1: Method and apparatus for presenting media programs patent, US-2016316381-A1: Method and Arrangement for Adapting a Multi-Antenna Transmission patent, US-2017019778-A1: Method for device-to-device (d2d) operation performed by terminal in wireless communication system and terminal using the method patent, US-2017203893-A1: Mountable food container patent, US-2018012588-A1: Split signal differential mems microphone patent, US-2015176040-A1: Production of fatty alcohols from engineered microorganisms patent, US-2015200423-A1: Secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, power storage system, power tool, and electronic device patent, US-2015214129-A1: Electronic component package and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2015329798-A1: Water Soluble Essential Oils and Their Use patent, US-2015339847-A1: Creating a vascular tree model patent, US-2016104456-A1: Display panel and automatic detection method thereof patent, US-2016145368-A1: Processing aid, and composition patent, US-2016232644-A1: Difference image compression patent, US-2016266863-A1: Electronic device and communication system having the same patent, US-2015228740-A1: Semiconductor Structure For Flash Memory Cells And Method Of Making Same patent, US-2015288967-A1: Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics patent, US-2015375925-A1: Improved packaging and method of opening patent, US-2016029725-A1: Methods for stabilizing and garments including stabilized quilted insulation patent, US-2016236546-A1: Motorized vehicular system with automated door assembly patent, US-2017304558-A1: Applicator for cryoanesthesia and analgesia patent, US-2015298353-A1: Sleeve for a sawing bead obtained by metal injection moulding patent, US-2016014445-A1: Remote control device signal distribution patent, US-2016150421-A1: System and Method for Modifying a Service-Specific Data Plane Configuration patent, US-2016269275-A1: A Method for Distance-Vector Routing Using Adaptive Publish-Subscribe Mechanisms patent, US-2015223517-A1: Process for using tobacco patent, US-2016323113-A1: Method and apparatus for secure communications and resource sharing between anonymous non-trusting parties with no central administration patent, US-2016328223-A1: Alerting the presence of bundled software during an installation patent, US-2015305892-A1: Methods and Devices for Treating a Bodily Lumen with In Situ Generated Structural Support patent, US-2016114036-A1: Composition for stabilizing protein and pharmaceutical formulation comprising the same patent, US-2017009449-A1: Insulation wall and insulation plate for constructing the insulation wall patent, US-2016000431-A1: Surgical instrument with wireless communication between control unit and remote sensor patent, US-2015321589-A1: Seat device patent, US-2017114536-A1: Decking Clip patent, US-2015224618-A1: Automatic greasing device for chuck in crankshaft miller patent, US-2017136988-A1: Valet parking security system for a motor vehicle patent, US-2017361291-A1: Steam-Hydrocarbon Reforming Reactor patent, US-2016350883-A1: Menu creation and design system patent, US-2015293738-A1: Wearable device patent, US-2645748-A: Potentiometric measuring system and apparatus patent, US-2658913-A: Process for the production of naphthalene and related derivatives, and derivatives highly chlorinated, partially hydrogenated triphenylene patent, US-2676964-A: 3-pyridyl propylamine antihistamine substances patent, US-2997565-A: Push-rod switches patent, US-3386856-A: Method of making a manganese oxide dielectric coating for barrier-layer capacitors patent, US-3419517-A: Reinforced polyamides and process of preparation thereof patent, US-3444170-A: Process which comprises reacting a carboxylic intermediate with an amine patent, US-3463837-A: 2-hydroxypolyalkoxy dioxaphospholane or dioxaphosphorinane patent, US-3483541-A: Memory protection apparatus patent, US-3511804-A: Protection of organic materials from ultraviolet radiation patent, US-3676467-A: 15, 16 substituted steroids and derivatives patent, US-3728394-A: Polysubstituted dihydropyrenes patent, US-3453131-A: Composite colloidal pigment particles,their formation and suspensions thereof patent, US-3525264-A: Micropipette holder patent, US-3549546-A: Process for preparing liquid detergent patent, US-2929061-A: Tracking system patent, US-3052581-A: Method for producing embossed designs in an injection mold patent, US-3336596-A: Medium for electron beam recording patent, US-3436447-A: Manufacture of reinforced plastic sleeving and the like patent, US-3471595-A: Process for the manufacture of pulverulent ferromanganese patent, US-3057894-A: Production of organometallic compounds patent, US-3296175-A: Polymer latices which have high viscosities and coating composition containing the same patent, US-3400170-A: Process for recovering olefins from mxitures with aluminum alkyls patent, US-3411707-A: Apparatus for preventing gas flow through bearings patent, US-3418873-A: Wrench patent, US-3441641-A: Method of making belts patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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