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US-2017043096-A1: Method of reducing friction between syringe components patent, US-2017051809-A1: Vehicle Spoke Wheel Weight patent, US-2017057673-A1: Wrapping apparatus employing stretching film with improved retaining device patent, US-2017074459-A1: Method and system for regulating cryogenic vapor pressure patent, US-2017080463-A1: Apparatus and method for cleaning a surface with multiple protruding studs patent, US-2017081226-A1: Denitrification of saline industrial waste water patent, US-2017081380-A1: ANTAGONISTS OF Bcl-2 AND USES THEREOF IN INDUCTION OF APOPTOSIS patent, US-2017104241-A1: Nickel-zinc battery patent, US-2017111435-A1: Enabling clients to expose secured files via virtual hosts patent, US-2017150909-A1: Method and device for examining the faculty of hearing patent, US-2017162313-A1: Wound iron core and method for manufacturing wound iron core patent, US-2017171116-A1: Activating and deactivation functional units of a line card patent, US-2017172604-A1: Capsule cutter patent, US-2017181481-A1: Bodily Support Assembly patent, US-2017181622-A1: Flexible contact lens patent, US-2017186988-A1: Light emitting diode and display device including the same patent, US-2017187086-A1: Microwave mems phase shifter patent, US-2017205580-A1: Optical waveguide device using vertically stacked de-centered bend structures for high-to-low index optical mode transforming patent, US-2017206295-A1: Method For Determining System Reliability Of A Logic Circuit patent, US-2017218685-A1: Substrate provided with a stack having thermal properties and a superstoichiometric intermediate layer patent, US-2017219359-A1: Method and system for estimating uncertainty for offline map information aided enhanced portable navigation patent, US-2017225550-A1: Sliding roof assembly for sport vehicle patent, US-2017227108-A1: Decoupler with free wheel system and vibration damping and one-way clutch with free wheel system patent, US-2017234386-A1: Disc brake patent, US-2017234660-A1: Air Driven Projectile patent, US-2017242908-A1: Methods, apparatus and systems for data visualization and related applications patent, US-2017247967-A1: Method and apparatus for clearing a wellbore patent, US-2017257782-A1: Remote resolution of customer issues enabled by integrating multiple communication technologies using a handheld configurator patent, US-2017261395-A1: Shaft precision automatic measuring device for motor patent, US-2017280855-A1: Cosmetic applicators for applying cosmetics of different colors patent, US-2017285485-A1: Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method patent, US-2017285959-A1: Memory copy instructions, processors, methods, and systems patent, US-2017294109-A1: Emergency notification within an alarm community patent, US-2017298903-A1: Wind power generator patent, US-2017306841-A1: Reverse flow gas turbine engine with radially outward turbine patent, US-2017309686-A1: Organic Light Emitting Display Device and Method of Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2017313134-A1: Tread Layer For An Aircraft Tire patent, US-2017328168-A1: Releasable ratchet device patent, US-2017336900-A1: Force-touch sensing apparatus with metal traces patent, US-2017344507-A1: Method for managing docking device and docking device patent, US-2017353159-A1: Reference signal path for clock generation with an injection locked multiplier (ilm) patent, US-2017358219-A1: Systems and methods for situational awareness of current and future vehicle state patent, US-2017362303-A1: Novel compounds for the treatment of cancer patent, US-2017367084-A1: Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request-Acknowledgment Transmission Method and Apparatus patent, US-2017369760-A1: Invert emulsion treatment fluids comprising polar organic compounds and methods of use in subterranean operations patent, US-2017370166-A1: Pipe Wrench patent, US-2017371541-A1: Method and system for achieving consensus using alternate voting strategies (avs) with incomplete information patent, US-2017373410-A1: Battery clamp patent, US-2018005069-A1: Information Processing Apparatus and Information Processing Method patent, US-2018005410-A1: System and method for adjusting brightness in multiple images patent, US-2018013902-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2018015600-A1: Driving tool patent, US-2018029370-A1: Printing apparatus and performance maintaining method patent, US-2018032862-A1: Automated anomaly detection for event-based system patent, US-2015262041-A1: Printing apparatus and method of controlling the same, and storage medium patent, US-2015199358-A1: System and Method For Providing Unidimensional Scale Extraction from a Multidimensional Entity patent, US-2505187-A: Hydraulic jack patent, US-2015202627-A1: Apparatus and method for mounting tissue sections on microscopic slides patent, US-2015231432-A1: Trigger unit for extinguishing devices patent, US-2015265579-A1: Candesartan cilexetil-containing preparation patent, US-2015278534-A1: Electronic communication with secure screen sharing of sensitive information patent, US-2015306596-A1: Membrane-based fluid-flow control devices patent, US-2015318818-A1: Solar energy collection system patent, US-2015360166-A1: Methods of separating molecules patent, US-2015368097-A1: Methods for producing a cavity within a semiconductor substrate patent, US-2016006045-A1: Bipolar Plate for Fuel Cell, Fuel Cell and Method for Producing the Bipolar Plate patent, US-2016031227-A1: High efficiency printing method for improved image quality patent, US-2016151287-A1: Method of drug formulation based on increasing the affinity of crystalline microparticle surfaces for active agents patent, US-2016158763-A1: Solid/liquid separation apparatus, and method for same patent, US-2016216671-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2016299313-A1: Lens barrel and optical apparatus patent, US-2016338176-A1: Control apparatus, control system, and appliance control device patent, US-2017026961-A1: Novel fdma/tdma architecture using channelizer and matrix power amplifier patent, US-2017042244-A1: Container having a heater for an aerosol-generating device, and aerosol-generating device patent, US-2017099937-A1: Process for Producing an Overmolded Brush Strip patent, US-2017109760-A1: Offline Conversion Tracking patent, US-2017239405-A1: Motor assembly with heat exchanger for catheter pump patent, US-2015113957-A1: Method for determining reducing agent slippage and motor vehicle employing the method patent, US-2015219021-A1: Timing drive of an internal combustion engine patent, US-2015265687-A1: Cooperia vaccine patent, US-2015279350-A1: Conversation-sentence generation device, conversation-sentence generation method, and conversation-sentence generation program patent, US-2015353048-A1: Airbag Module with Heat Shield patent, US-2015378549-A1: Light dismiss manager patent, US-2016007717-A1: Cosmetic container having airtight refill case patent, US-2016087187-A1: Capacitive coupled resonator and filter device with comb electrodes and support pillars separating piezoelectric layer patent, US-2016102424-A1: Device and methods for applying compositions to fabric surfaces patent, US-2016117280-A1: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium patent, US-2016157301-A1: Cooktop device patent, US-2016169186-A1: Method of spark timing adjustment for an internal combustion engine patent, US-2016273469-A1: Control device for engine patent, US-2016284198-A1: Adjusting Sound on a Medical Device patent, US-2016306654-A1: Transaction redo using skip element for object patent, US-2016322699-A1: Electronic Device With Configurable Symmetric Antennas patent, US-2017036809-A1: Closure for a container, closure components, and method of use thereof patent, US-2017079694-A1: Lateral spinous process spacer patent, US-2017140798-A1: Multi-communication device in a memory system patent, US-2015150936-A1: Use of des-aspartate-angiotensin i to treat patients exhibiting high blood glucose levels or glucose-induced pancreatic beta cell death patent, US-2015168943-A1: Method and system for assembly of a modular prosthetic socket based on residual limb metrics patent, US-2015229820-A1: Electronic device and method for controlling flash patent, US-2015269387-A1: Methods and Systems of Preventing An Automated Routine from Passing a Challenge-Response Test patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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