Fender mounting bracket of automobile



The invention discloses a fender mounting bracket of an automobile. The upper surface of a body is long strip-shaped and the bracket is characterized in that: the back side on the left part of the upper surface of the body is bent downwards and is connected with a smooth and level first solder side, a coordinating rib and a second solder side which is bent upwards; the back side on the right part of the upper surface of the body is bent upwards, the left end of the bent part is connected with the second solder side and the right end of the bent part is provided with a wire harness mounting hole; the left end in front of the upper surface of the body is provided with a downward flanged reinforcing rib; other parts in front of the upper surface of the body are bent downwards and are connected with a first fender mounting surface and a second fender mounting surface; and the first fender mounting surface and the second fender mounting surface are provided with a fender mounting hole respectively. By the bracket, the problem of mounting a fender is solved, spaces are effectively utilized, intensity is improved, the dimension and the overall dimensional accuracy of the bracket are ensured and an integrated mounting position is provided for a wire harness; and the bracket has the advantages of simple and practical structure, low cost and the like and is safe and reliable.




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